Hahahaha sorry super unflattering.

I didn't have my phone with me when I first went to check on her so no picture of that funny moment.
She basically flipped over in the sarong and was looking up at the much higher "door" which our helper has sewn up.
She looked like she was thinking, wah how to climb out now, the boundary so high. 😅

And then she saw me and turned to give me a super cheeky smile.

Now she's half grumpy because yeah, no way out but to take her nap. Hahaha.

Our helper decided to sew up the sarong because this little girl has been trying to climb out of the sarong!

Yeah you read right.

When our helper first told me this week that little boss has started popping her head out of the sarong, I told her yeah we all used to do this when we were babies.
I mean, I know because my mom took pictures of us doing that.

So while it is dangerous, it's nothing a mattress below can't solve.

This morning she told me, actually she wasn't just popping her head out of the sarong, she was in fact trying to stand up in the sarong and climb out of it.
And she was pretty sure that little boss would eventually succeed, seeing how strong and agile she is.
Worried about her safety, she sewed up the sarong.

I'm thankful to have a helper who is experienced with babies and takes the initiative to ensure that little boss is safe.

She cleaned out the boxes and toys in little boss' room so that mosquitoes can't lurk around, fastened the play mat to the end of the cot so there's some cushioning for Clarissa in case she knocks her head.. All without being told to do so.

Sometimes when I watch the cctv, I see her dancing to Clarissa or reading to her.. and I feel happy.
I might be naive to think she loves Clarissa like her own child -she might be just doing her job- but it's nice to see the little boss well taken care of.

In an ideal world, I'd have loved to take care of Clarissa while still earning my keep, or have either of our parents here everyday to keep an eye on things.. because afterall family is always better?

But life is seldom ideal so we have to work within the boundaries, very much like what we are trying to teach Clarissa today.

Having my sister stay with us while she prepares for her exams is great, having our dads pop by for spot checks also helps.
Having a diligent and caring helper is really a blessing.

赛翁失马, 焉知非福。
I'm glad we waited, in spite of the initial difficulties.

I know parents sometimes tend to be jealous of the helpers because of the time they get to spend with the kids; sometimes the hubs and I wished we were at home teaching Clarissa how to walk when we caught our helper doing that on CCTV.

But I mostly feel glad, because this arrangement seems to be working out well, and most importantly, little boss is happy. 😊

We try to treat our helper like family. Though the husband always mercilessly teases and imitates her accent. 😅
It's all in good spirit and I hope she feels the warmth in our home despite being so far away from her own.

Little miss scaredy cat.

We were at this place called selfie box for a birthday party.
Basically a place with two studios and lots of props for you to take selfie with a remote control!
Love the little rocking horse!
Put little boss on it but she started crying instead. 😅

..and spent most of the time looking worried / unimpressed / cross / scared.

Cheeky again when we were about to go home. 😅