41 weeks

My view while having dinner.

I got off work really late today and we managed to reach home only at 830pm. 😢😤

That's our boss chillaxing on Daddy's lap. New pattern. 😅

And she's thinking, mommy why you eat so slow. Hahaha.

Pattern more than badminton.

Hahahaha excuse me?

My sister sent this to us while we were on our way home, captioned, "Daddy and Mommy, when would you be home?"

Awww after a lousy work day, I need my Vitamin C. 😘

Got the hubs' approval to let her sleep with us tonight, and after watching her roll around from one end to the other, she's now sound asleep and I'm writing this in the dark.

Love this!
Shared by sister no. 4.

Little boss is most of these, especially #1, 4, 5, 11, 13.

Happy 41 weeks young darling!