It's been a long time since I worked from home.
All the offsite meetings and shorter workdays made it really tough!

So as I'm working from home today, I managed to have lunch while our helper fed Clarissa, played with her after that while our helper had her lunch, changed her as she was sweating buckets, and put her in the sarong for her nap.

I left her with our helper to rock her to sleep while I returned to the study room.

Heard her whining up a storm while our helper tried to cajole her to sleep but her cry-singing got louder and louder.

So I went to her room, took her out of the sarong and carried her.

"Clarissa," I said to her.
She hugged me but refused to look at me.

"Clarissa, look at mommy please."
She stared at the ceiling.

"Clarissa, mommy is talking to you. Can you please look at mommy?"
She stared at our helper.

"Clarissa, hey, look at mommy."
She turned and stared at the sarong spring.

I tried to sound as stern as I could but really, I was laughing inside.

This little girl! πŸ˜‚

She always turns to look at her Daddy when he calls her name, so I'm pretty sure she knows I'm talking to her.

In her younger days, as I've dayre-ed before, she'd look sideways in her sarong, ignore me and smile to herself when I call her name but turn and chuckle gleefully when my mom calls her.

So yeah somehow I'm always the one she's choosing to tease. 😀

I might be wrong, but I guess she was avoiding my eyes for fear that I might hypnotise her to sleep. πŸ˜…

Anyway I sat her down on the bed and made her face me.

I looked at her in the eye and said to her, "Look, darling. You are tired and you need to sleep. Mommy's at home today and I'm just going to be there." (Points to the study room)
"Now can you please take a nap and I'll play with you after I finish work ok?"

She looked at me with a reluctant smile and with that, I put her back in the sarong and left our helper to rock her to sleep.

Five minutes later, she fell asleep and our helper came over to tell me, "M'am she understands you eh." 😊

Hahaha what do I do with this little girl. πŸ˜…

Don't do anything! Just love me, Mommy!

My little mushroom.
New cap for spring in Sydney. 😁

Bubba and the Sista. πŸ˜†

Wanted to go for a jog to destress after a long day of conference calls.

But also wanted to bring the boss along. Luckily we got a new babysitter. Hehe.

So I jogged and they walked.

I haven't jogged since.. Two months back? That first and only jog since I got pregnant.
I felt like dying after just four rounds back then.

I did 6 rounds today and actually good! I guess the weekly kickboxing helps.

And so nice to see sista with bubba, pointing out the trees and flowers and wild mushrooms on the way.
I think Bubba enjoyed herself with her little Auntie. 😁

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