40 weeks and 3 days

Dear Bubba,

Today is the day you've been outside of my tummy for as long as you were inside.

This is you, finally taking a nap after resisting it for hours.

This is you, saying don't disturb me or I'll punch you.
I kid, I kid.
You are anything but rough.

Sure, occasionally you'd pinch and scratch my mouth, or slap Daddy's face.. but that's just you trying to play with us.

Sometimes Daddy or I would let out an exaggerated "Ouch!" and pretend-cry like we are in pain.

You'd stop whatever you are doing, and look genuinely puzzled / concerned.
You'd then turn to look at one of us (the one you didn't punch) and give a "what is wrong with him/her?" look.
After 20 seconds you move on to do other things like this has never happened. 😅

But we know you love us.
The way you look at us, the way you smile at us, the way you put your cheeks against our chest to manja us, the way you shriek and kick your legs in delight when we lift you off from the bed to carry you.

Sometimes you stare at Daddy with such smiling eyes and Daddy would turn and tell me how he's never felt so so so loved by anyone before.

Sometimes you'd suddenly move into cradle position in our arms, and we'd try to cradle and rock you, just like old times. Only to realise you are no longer that tiny but feisty baby.. but a big and still feisty baby now.

I love how we always wow and gush over your amazing development, the first time you sat up, the first time you stood up, the first time you raised your hand, the first time you waved goodbye, the first time you said bababa and mamama.. and you'd either look quietly pleased or totally nonchalant like it's not a big deal.

The other day I was asking your Daddy, do you think she's going to be naughty?

Because from the way you climb and wriggle all over the place, and the way you siren your demands.. It looks like you are going to be quite a handful.
And you always look like you have some mischief up your sleeves.

So your Daddy said, yes I think so. 😅

Yet you seem to understand when we say no, and you forget about your demands quite quickly.

You are absolutely timid when we are out!
Which isn't a bad thing, I told your Daddy.
Better than being naughty ALL THE TIME. 😅

So perhaps you are cheeky, just like Daddy, but takes time to warm up to people, just like Mommy.

But of course you are you, the one and only Clarissa who sings yourself to sleep, loves bread and demands for it (if we are eating bread we cannot give you biscuits; you MUST have bread too), hates getting your nostrils sprayed with Sterimar, never mind the booger, loves touching your own reflection in the mirror, and has a designated favourite person for play, comfort and food.

Daddy and I are having a wonderful time getting to know you, and I hope to continue learning about and with you.

If you don't already know, I will say it again.

We are so glad you are here.