Happy birthday, Singapore!

Look! Fireworks!

Not. 😅

We tried to ballot for the NDP tickets but obviously didn't manage to get any.
So we are watching it at home now.

Does little boss look like she has shoulder length hair here? Lol.

For this is where I know it's home.

Still one of the best national day songs, and my favourite.

The other best ones are the ones I learned in primary school.
I remember as a child, learning new songs in music lesson and assembly whenever national day was around the corner.
"Count on me Singapore", "We are Singapore", "One people, One nation, One Singapore".. and then I lost touch, until "Home".

So proud and so nostalgic singing along.

Wish we were there!

Beautiful fireworks.
Cheap thrill taking pictures of the TV screen. 😅

Daddy singing the national anthem.
Little boss doesn't know what's going on. 😅

It's her first national day! 😁