Lil boss ootd #1, before driving off to ICA to collect her passport.
We can't stop laughing at this little carpark attendant. 😅

Our appointment was at 815am and we were shocked that we had to queue to get into the building!

But thankfully it was very quick!
We were done and got home by 9am.

Lil boss' ootd #2.
Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: Cotton On Baby
Socks: H&M
"What are you doing?" Look: Model's own

I have been planning her outfits for the Sydney trip!
It'd be around 16 degree celsius when we are there so I'm thinking long sleeved shirts and leggings with sweaters and cardigans.

Been buying as and when I see anything suitable. Trying to buy stuff that's wearable in Singapore, and sizing up!
Need to maximise my dollars.

So I have been buying new clothes for the little one and it's fun!

Haven't bought any new clothes for myself for quite a while now. Itching to do so but nothing is calling out to me, buy me buy me!

Only baby clothes excite me now.
I was in Zara the other day and bought a sweater and jeggings.. from the kids section.
Can't wait to let Clarissa wear them!

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