40 weeks

Father and Daughter couple wear lol.

So cooling (the singlets) yet my heart is melting. πŸ˜…

It's a public holiday today but I spent the entire day working fml.
Bathed Clarissa in the morning before passing her to the helper for her milk and nap.
Whenever she woke up from her naps, I'd say hello, carry her for a bit before passing her to the helper and returning to the study room. 😒😧

I feel bad but I have too many deadlines.
In fact I was working last night. Started after she fell asleep and worked until 2am. 😀

Spent the next 5 hours working on the excel file.. in my dreams.
Before I dozed off I was just thinking about how to tackle it the next day and I completed it while sleeping wtf.
So basically I woke up this morning feeling like I didn't sleep at all.

Tried to let lil boss sleep with us last night, but she woke up just after I joined them in bed.
She stirred while Daddy snored, and then woke up and started singing. Then she rolled over to her Daddy and wanted to play. πŸ˜…

I had no choice but to bring her to her room and rock her back to sleep in her sarong.
Sorry baby.

It's just past 10pm now and I've just made her sleep.✌
In bed Dayre-ing and might just doze off with the phone in my hand.

She woke up bright and chirpy and the helper dressed her in this oversized singlet-turned dress, complete with a little panty for modesty. Hahahaha.

Uniqlo sizes are quite inconsistent.
She wears size 90 with some allowance on most of their apparel but this one looks a few sizes too big / long.
But still cute lah.
#oldwongsellsmelon again.

Hahahaha this is her after her morning nap, when I asked her, "Where’s Clarissa? Mommy wants to carry her."

"ζœ‰!" (Here!)
She said.

Our helper told me she was doing this raise-her-hand thing in her sleep!
She thought Clarissa was awake but when she looked closer, she was really just doing a "ζœ‰!".. while still asleep.

Hahaha why you so funny.

Distracting me from my work. 😍

Little miss three teeth has been promoted again!
She's now little miss four teeth.

The funny thing, though, is that the 4th tooth isn't the top centre-right tooth, but the left of her top centre-left tooth.

Am I making sense?
My geography is quite bad.

So difficult to take a picture of her (in general) and her teeth.
She moves too quickly!

Or am I too slow?

So she gave me a facepalm. πŸ˜…

Actually she was just rubbing her face because she was sleepy. Hehe.

Happy 40 weeks young, our curious little boss! 😘

(For the record I didn't style her like this; she woke up with the handkerchief on her head. Hahaha.)