Grocery shopping!
I like.

Little miss bossypants insisted on holding on to the shopping list!
The hubs tried to take it from her so he can refer to the list but she protested really loudly.
The full-on wailing with tears type of protest. 😂
I guess she was feeling sleepy after the swim but didn't want to sleep so everything had to be done HER WAY.

Come Daddy I hold the list up for you to see. You cannot take it from me hor.

Yes yes take that one on the left.

Are we going back already?
Ok let me check if we've missed anything.

I said hello! to her while having dinner and she responded with a bright HALLO! from the playpen.
She really sounded like she was saying hello! 😁

And then this little girl attempted to go across the centre of playpen, one hand grabbing on to the side while the other tries to rreeeaaach the other end.
When her fully stretched body width isn't even half of the length of the playpen. 😅

So we asked her to walk along the perimeter of the playpen instead.
And she did!
All on her own. 😁

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