Wedding lunch and Baby full month!

Mommy always says I'm a little monkey / samseng.. but I can be very girly too ok?

And demure too, when I'm with Daddy.

Yes, I'd like some coke please.

No coke for me?

I shall entertain myself with whatever I can find then!


We had a pretty long day today, starting with a wedding lunch, followed by a baby full month celebration.

Since she can't quite sleep when we are out, I was a little worried that she'd throw tantrums when she gets tired.

Yet this little girl was quite well-behaved today.

She sat in the high chair half the time, holding the wedding favours, babbling occasionally.
We started carrying her after she drank her milk.

She was clearly exhausted but apart from whining a little, she didn't kick up any fuss.

Fell asleep the second we buckled her up and drove out of the carpark.

And off we went to the baby's full month celebration at a really cool location.

Stayed in the car for some 15 minutes to let the baby sleep before we headed up.

It was quite nice with all the kids running around.
Kids of the hubs' friends mostly, all growing up so fast.

Here's one of the handsome boys lol. 😄

Also saw one of my ex colleagues from my first job.
It was so good to see her!
A pity we didn't get to talk much.

And then it was zzz again, holding her giraffe friend. 😘

Her reward from Daddy for being so well behaved today.
5 more minutes in the bathtub. 😁

And extra kisses from Daddy and Mommy later tonight. 😘

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