35 weeks

This little girl was busy chasing her Daddy around the house this morning while he was getting ready for work.
Zoom! To the bedroom.
Zoom! To the study room.
Zoom! Around the living room.

Haha reckless driver in a mini cooper.

And when the time came for Daddy to leave for work, she pulled his shirt and got herself into his arms.

Here she's waving Byebye! to Mommy.
Imma go out with Daddy, she says. πŸ˜…

Finger licking good! Lol from sweet to intense.

Little samseng having lunch in her throne.

Bought this high chair in the very first baby fair we went to, in October last year, before she was born.
Haha why I so kiasu. πŸ˜…

So glad she finally gets (to the right size) to use it after the husband spent some time setting it up.

No more gettting her thighs stuck in the bumbo seat. πŸ˜…

Little boss has started taking 2 solids meals a day this week!
Tried giving her porridge in the afternoon and puree in the evening.

She loved the sweet potato puree.
Kept smiling and saying hmmm hmmm after each mouthful lol.

She didn't like the apple+blueberry puree the next day though, and the helper gave her some leftover jar puree instead. 😯


I regretted not throwing it away when I was just thinking about it the night before.
Can't blame the helper though I wished she'd checked with me first or at least had the common sense to read the label.

I slept with the baby that night worried that she might get a stomachache. πŸ˜‚

Anyway I decided it's best to just stick to porridge.
Less stressful for the helper and for me, at least we don't have to worry about her not liking the food.

Dinner errand girl, aka ζ™šι€ε¦Ή.

This silly girl was up since 3pm and refused to take a nap.
She'd finished her porridge at 6pm and the helper put her in her mini cooper while preparing water for her shower.

I'd finished most of my stuff so at 630pm, so I said to the little boss..

Let's go out and get dinner!

She chuckled a very delighted "Ahhh!" and dashed to the door!
And then banged into the shoe cabinet. πŸ˜…

Why so cute! 😍

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