34 weeks

34 weeks young with 2 teeth! πŸ˜†

Erm you have to zooooom all the way in to see the two white spots of really cute, little, jagged front teeth at the bottom of her gums.
Saw them for the first time today!

She was in a very good mood today and went on a laughing and chuckling spree.
That was how I caught them. πŸ˜†

Hahahaha sorry baby for the unglamorous picture!

I've been trying to take a picture of her doing the mermaid pose, but it's so difficult because she moves too quickly!

She'd first go on all fours, lift her butt up, lift one hand, and then push herself backwards to one side – Tadah! Mermaid pose!.. Her butt would then aaaaalmost touch the bed but she'd roll over on her back instead.

She'd do this over and over again; it's pretty hilarious to watch.

Is she trying to sit up on her own?

Have you ever felt your heart bursting with so much love you think you can't take in any more?
Yet just when you think it's about to explode, your heart expands and you take in even more of the love and joy?

I feel so happy just looking at her.

Or seeing the way she speeds into the study room looking for me and laughing like this.

Or the way she talks to me with her big round eyes, Mommy, can you please play with me?

Yes yes you are cute.
And so much more.

Love you darling. 😚

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