One month, exactly

Since the last entry.

I guess I simply couldn’t find the will to write.
And when I do find the will (and time), I don’t know where to start.

OK, Taiwan.
It was a good eat-sleep-shop journey.

2 important discoveries: 1) We suck at bargaining; 2) Asian breasts are triangular.

We were at 五分铺, the famous wholesaler market, shopping and buying stuff for the sisters.

At Shop A, we found something suitable for his sister that was priced at NT$380 (About S$16.50).
I tried putting my bargaining skills to practice.

Me to the shop owner: $350 可以吗?
Shop owner: (Without thinking) 好。

Once we stepped out of the shop, the hb went, “Why did you ask for $350 only? Can ask for more discount!”
“I was just trying my luck! So I just went for $350.”
“Lousy! I would have asked for $300 or less.”
“Well, then why didn’t you?”
“Because you spoke before I did!”

We agreed that since he is so good at negotiating prices, he shall show me how to do it the proper way.

At Shop B, I picked 2 belts, 1 priced at NT$100 and the other at NT$480.
I nudged him, “OK, go bargain now.”
He walked to the shop assistant and said (almost sheepishly), “可以便宜一点吗?”
To which the shop assistant replied, “已经很便宜了!” And refused to give any discount.

I couldn’t stop laughing at him when we stepped out.
I told him if he were in a typical Taiwanese variety show, there would be the word written all over his face. LOL.

On the last day of our trip, we headed to Beitou for our very first hot spring experience.
Boy, it was an eye opener.
I thought I’d be really bored and not be able to last more than 15 minutes, since we were at separate locations and there was no one to talk to.

I ended up staying there for 45 minutes, staring at all the naked women and making the important discovery that all natural breasts are triangular. Regardless of how big or small they are, the basic shape is triangular. Except for one lady who had round and bouncy breasts (I think they have been surgically enhanced), the rest are pretty similar.

Wahahaha. Boredom does wonders sometimes.

Anyway. The 5-day vacation came to an end, and it was back to work and I fell mysteriously sick one day just after reaching the office. Basically I was feeling cold and coughing my lungs out. I coughed all through Thursday and Friday, had to miss kickboxing.. and by Saturday my throat was so sore from the coughing I felt miserable.

Skipped CCK on Saturday, slept in and went to my parents’ in the evening to pass my sisters the loot from Taiwan.
Stayed home on Sunday, packed for my business trip, flew off on Monday morning.

Yes, exactly a week after we came back from Taiwan, I was whisked off to Seoul for a 4-day business trip.

It was not a wasted trip, but I went through so much trouble getting a hotel! The company’s official travel agent sucks. I wonder how someone with so little local knowledge and worse, no common sense, can be a travel agent.
As all the hotels near the office which is at central area of Seoul were fully booked, I was booked at Sheraton Incheon. It’d take me not one, but TWO hours to get to the office. I heard my usually nice and friendly secretary speaking to the travel agent and saying, “Do you know where Incheon is? It’s like the distance between Malaysia and Singapore!!”

We had to give them a list of hotels to call and check availability. My hopes were raised when they informed that one of the hotels had a room available. I was about to confirm it when I saw the address.
F****** Incheon again!

I imagined myself staying at Incheon and calling in for the presentation, “Hello, this is SW calling in from Incheon.”

To cut the long story short, I booked my own hotel through an online site, thanks to my Korean colleague. And guess what, it was one of the “fully booked” hotels they said they have checked.

Thankfully, the presentation I was supposed to give went very well and I had goosebumps when the Korea MD told me it was the biggest breakthrough she has seen on this brand and that because of my work, she could see the next 10 years for the brand.
Colleague says it’s the biggest compliment they have heard from said MD. :)

I stayed for another 1.5 days to attend some meetings and research before flying back on Thursday evening.
Reached home at 11pm and went to office early on Friday for a 9am meeting.

Fortunately I’d taken the afternoon off as I knew I wouldn’t be able to function for more than four hours.
Boy, I was right.
I had really bad cramps (that time of the month), and I was just so freaking tired after the 2-hour meeting that everyone was urging me to go home.

I got home, had lunch, dozed off while watching TV and effectively slept from 2 to 6pm, only waking up in the middle to go to the toilet before falling asleep again.
I swear that’s the longest nap I’ve ever taken in YEARS.

Must be the combination of cramps, headache and general lack of sleep (or too much time spent in the plane).

It’s back to the usual Saturday routine today.
Hopefully everything would be back to normal again.

It’s another busy month (work never goes away), and I need all the strength I can muster to deal with the Japan team who never fails to do my head in.

Till the next entry!

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