What!? It’s September already?!

I haven’t had the urge / will / ability to write anything these days.
My brains are usually fried by 5pm, I feel sleepy pretty much at any time of the day, and I am a zombie by 10pm.

Anyway. It’s been 8 days since I came back from my crazy 11-day trip, 3 days since I turned 19 – again.
Time for some updates!

Was fun. Going up the Great Wall at Mutianyu, screaming my way up in the uncovered chairlift (or ‘cable car’), spending two good hours climbing the stairs/slopes, camwhoring, goofing around with my crazy colleague-friend, and more screaming on my way down the Toboggan (they call it 滑道 in Mandarin, but it really is just a giant slide).

We paid peanuts to eat like kings. Though some of the dishes were quite horrifying and had me running for my life – literally, in the hotel gym – after I saw / learned about the actual content.

Cab drivers in Beijing were horrifying though. I was thrown off the cab in the middle of the highway, not once, but TWICE. And all the drivers I met were either too angry or way too silent. They focused on the problems (cannot turn left, cannot U-turn, cannot turn right, cannot turn on the aircon) rather than the solution.
If anything, they made me appreciate the Singaporean cab drivers a little more.

Having said that, i do wish to go back to Beijing again – did not manage to go to Forbidden City this time! Boohoo~

I didn’t do any touristy stuff except for the Dongdaemun pilgrimage.
Too much of anything (re: especially colleague-friends) is not good – so I was on my own on Sunday – had brunch, watched some Taiwanese drama online, headed off to DDM, and basically wandered around in the mall, along the streets, bought stuff for myself and the sisters, sat in a cafe to people-watch.
Somehow, I found it comforting to be alone, not understanding what was going on around me or what the people around me were saying.. and even not being understood was quite amusing. :)

And then, it was back to Singapore, back to work, back to the jungle.

My 19th birthday
It is the first time I had back-to-back celebrations.

Friday – Colleague-friends gave me a surprise. My first time doing the cut-cake-sing-song thing in office.
Oh, and I shamelessly told everyone I would be turning 19 on Sunday. Haha.

Saturday – Caught Chestnuts. Went home for dinner and did another cut-cake-sing-song.

Sunday – Failed attempt Nice try at Kite-flying at Barrage, Dinner at Tetsu with the hb

Monday – Breakfast with the hb, lazed around at home, dinner and dessert with the bloggies. I don’t remember much, except that I was really 19 and we were laughing a lot. Hehe. :P

Tuesday – Back to office for crazy back-to-back-to-back meetings from 9am to 4pm. Received another birthday present – in the form of the Rec0gniti0n Shares award – in the t0wnhall.
It was a very heartwarming moment, hearing all the cheers from my colleague-friends, getting pats on my shoulder from the management team, hearing ‘congratulations’ from the team.
I only stiffened a little when MP attempted to hug me gave me a congratulatory hug for winning this award two years in a row.

I am grateful, but somehow not as deliriously happy or highly motivated as I was, the first time I got the award.
I can’t pin-point the reason behind it, but it is definitely not because I got it with ease (it’s not easy), nor is it because I’ve become yaya-papaya about it.

I wrote a note to my boss, boss’ boss and ex-boss to thank them, and only to thank them – no fluffy language on how I will continue to work hard etc, because I am no longer so sure about that.

I need time to sort this out but till then, it is still happy news. Never mind that I can only sell the shares in 5 years’ time. Haha.

So, there. My 5-day celebration.
Thank you – family and friends, for the presents, well wishes and bringing me so much joy and laughter. :)

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