7 days

before I get to step out of the house.

It started with a sore throat and headache on my 2nd day in Tokyo.
I dismissed it, thinking it was simply because I didn’t sleep well the night before.

I felt ok on Friday, though then again, it might be because the focus groups were finally over.

I felt strangely tired on Saturday, and I fell asleep while my dear sisters were talking to me.

On Sunday, the sore throat and headache came back. My entire body was aching and I could feel a cough coming up. I took some panadol and went to bed early.

I spent 20 minutes on Monday morning deliberating if I should still go to work or if I should be a responsible family member and citizen, and see a doctor.

I opted for the latter; I didn’t think I could survive the 8 hours in office in my strange condition.

So there, the doctor concluded that I have flu-like symptoms (almost all of it, except for fever), and since I just came back from Japan, I am a suspected case of H1N1. He gave me 7 days’ medical leave and told me I should stay at home for the next 7 days even if I felt better a few days later.

“But I have very important meetings from tomorrow to Friday.. Can I go if I’m feeling better?”
“No, it’s a directive from MOH. Your employer would understand. You should stay at home and have a good rest.”


I’m the organizer of a 4-day meeting and orientation starting today and ending on Friday.
Looks like I’ve done almost everything – except for showing up.

JBB called once he received my email update on the sick leave and my condition. He concluded that 1) I sound like a different person and 2) I should stay at home and let him cover my work for the next 4 days.


I’d better get well soon.

4 thoughts on “7 days

  1. ms chin: no lah i think it’s just the common flu. feeling better already, would still cya in hk next week. u’re right, the hotel i’m staying at is at causeway bay. :)

    yenew: thanks dear.. :)


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