A crazy month.

Visited 4 countries in the span of 3 weeks, with a week of sick leave in between.

Celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with the company while on sick leave (actually I didn’t even remember until the day after, because I was high on flu medicine).

Met up with ms chin in HK. So nice to catch up and 买东西吃东西, even if it was only for a few hours on a warm Saturday morning/afternoon before flying back to Singapore.

Went back to office for 2 days, had off-site meeting at Sentosa for another 2 days.

Won what they call the ‘recognition share’ award.. given only to a few people in each business unit every year. Basically, the company is giving me 100 share (or is it shares?).
I am absolutely clueless about shares and I really thought it was just $5 per share or something. But the bf did a quick check on the Internet, and it turned out that 1 share costs around $55?!
I feel thankful to have an appreciative boss who trusts me, believes in me, and gives me lots of work. And also the team I work so closely with, how we try to keep one another sane during those insane times, and yet always challenging one another to come up with bigger and better ideas.
I know that all the congratulations they gave me were genuine, all the hugs I got from each of them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am one fortunate gal.
And at least I know all the hard work is worth it.

Took off on Friday to meet up with ex-colleagues for breakfast. Heard that my favourite cafe was closing down by the end of July, and so decided to visit it one last time.
Unfortunately, they decided to shut down even before end-July.
Didn’t get to have that last breakfast there. :(

Went on for massage, and met sis#4 and #5 to get stuff for the wedding. It’s a bit early, but the ever creative sis#4 is making corsages for the sisters! And so we went shopping for ribbons etc, followed by dinner at Manhatt** Fish, followed by photowhoring (them, not me. I was forced to join in later) with Singa-in-a-mask at the MRT station, in front of about 20,000 people who were walking past the escalators. 
It was great fun (I mean the day, not the phototaking with Singa).

Saturday was spent wedding-shoe-hunting and watching Harry Potter.
Bumped into Topo!

2nd fitting + trial make-up was brought forward to Sunday, so off went my sisters #3, #4 and #5, myself and the bf to the studio.
It’s a great feeling, going to the bridal studio with my sisters. :)

And I like the wedding gown and the evening gown!

Turns out that I have to pick another gown for the outdoor shoot. Have to select from limited range (ie the range that can be worn outdoors and get ruined). Why didn’t I think of that? I was happily thinking I would just wear the same 2 gowns.

Hope the pictures turn out nice! Photoshoot in 15 days’ time..

2nd fitting – with all the make-up. :)

1st fitting, with sis#4

1st fitting, with the bf