In spite of the craziness..

Had a great workout this evening at kickboxing class.
These days, I actually feel good after kickboxing.

The cab driver who sent me home tonight started asking me, Oh you can only start school one week later right?
I just went, Huh?
And told him, Uncle I left school long ago. Really long ago.
He said, Oh really? I thought you are still a student.
When he reached my place, the fare was $3.80 and I gave him a $10 note.
He turned on the light and took a closer look at me. You really look like a student leh.
I nearly told him to keep the change.

H1N1 seems to be spreading like wild fire.
I’m a little concerned, with all the traveling this month.
Would have to take economy class for all the business trips this year, because our travel budget has been cut by 50%. But I’m not complaining because it makes sense to cut travel rather than to cut people or cut pay.
I shall arm myself with the masks, thermometer and surgical gloves (dunno what for though) in the travel kit provided by the company, if need be.

I want to declare that I have a really great boss (though he really gives me a lot of work).
With the HDB appointment date clashing with the research dates, and more recently, the photoshoot in August clashing with a huge meeting, all he said was congratulations and that I should just attend to my personal stuff because it is more important than work.
He even asked if I could show up in office the day after the photoshoot wearing whatever I was wearing the day before. Haha.

I got my pay increment notification yesterday!
Really happy. :)
I told Lar how fortunate I think I am, to be getting a good increment despite the tough economic situation.
She said it is simply because I worked hard for it.
I sure did, but in the past, the only reward I got for good work is to get more work.
So yeah, I still think I am lucky.

Maybe July won’t be that bad after all.
I’m looking forward to August already.