Just got the valuation report.

Not exactly what we wanted to hear, but ironically, it’s all my mom’s favorite numbers like 3, 6 and 8. Haha.
My either-at-street-12-or-21 flat is valued at $368K, which means to say we have to pay $7K cash over valuation since the agreed transaction price is $375K.

The bf sounded almost devastated when he called. Haha.
Whereas all I said was, “Let’s do another valuation.”

I was expecting the valuation to be at least $375K, because the flats we viewed at the same block and around the area were all about this price.
Yet at one point in time, nearing the end of our flat hunt, the valuation amount for HDB flats actually did fall (by about $5K for flats in the same area), so perhaps the point where our flat was valued was when the market hit the slump.

Hence I am actually neither too surprised nor upset.
It makes good sense to pay $180 to get another valuation done before the 1st appointment with HDB, whether it is to get a second opinion to be 心服口服, or to save $7K cash.

In any case, I am quite used to such things. Shit happens all the time. And all the time, shit happens!

I am so glad that we actually made a bet with the agent that night.
He was so super sure that the valuation would be at least $375K that he said he’d bet on that and if he won the bet, we’d have to buy him a meal.
I was game, and jokingly challenged him that if the valuation went below $375K, he’d have to pay all the cash portion. Haha. But of course it was too much to ask, and he gamely said he’d reduce his commission to 0.8% instead of the usual 1%.

He was, according to the bf, very apologetic when he called about the valuation, and said he’d keep to his promise of 0.8%.

So there you go, I have saved us $800, which can be used to pay for about 1/9 of the $7K.
And regardless of what the 2nd valuation report says, I’d still stick to paying only 0.8%.

I don’t think that’s being mean to him. It’s really quite easy money for him, considering the fact that he only brought us to see ONE unit.. and he got the deal.
Our poor agent who have been bringing us around for months earned nothing – except our friendship (not sure if it’s worth anything to him, haha) and a treat.
And we have to invest another $180 for a result that might or might not help us in saving that $7K.

So, yeah.

I shall continue to hope for the best.