Dream home

I had a dream the other night.
I was viewing a unit, which in my dream, I thought was beautiful. The entire place was in white, and one room was linked to the next room, and the next room was linked to another room.
It was like a maze and I remembered feeling very wowed by it.

On our way down in the lift, we asked the agent (whose face was a blur in the dream) how much cash over valuation the owners were asking.
The agent said nonchalently, “Oh, $150,000.”

I woke up almost immediately.

Then, in one of the in-home visits for our consumer study, I found myself resisiting the urge to ask the respondent, “So, is your flat a 5I or EA? It looks quite big.”

It all happened in the same week, and I thought, gosh I must be going crazy.
Perhaps, soon, very soon, I’d be able to tell the model and layout of the unit just by looking at the outside of the block. Or maybe I’d be able to tell the value of the flat just by standing at the door.

I don’t know how many units we have viewed since Day 1.
And Day 1, was in mid-Feb, right after I came back from Japan.
I guess 70 units would be a conservative estimate. From Toa Payoh, the first unit we wanted to buy, to Bishan, and then all the way back to Bedok and Tampines. From 4I to 4NG to 4A, sometimes back to 4NG, to even 5I.

Perhaps, that was why, when we signed that Option to Purchase form on Monday (May 25, everyone must remember this date), it was almost unceremonious.
I have ever remotely thought, that, when that day comes, I might break down in tears and do a 10-minute acceptance speech.
But nope, we just calmly signed the papers.

So yes, we went ‘shopping’ on an uneventful Monday night (with Monday blues somemore).. and bought a flat.
It was the first time we met that agent (got his number randomly from one of my favorite websites), it was the first time we viewed that unit, bringing my parents along, and it is the first time we are buying a flat! 

We decided in less than 30 minutes. The place is good – near the MRT station, near the malls, sharing the top floor with just one other unit, layout is simple and squarish. I’d love to have a nice view of the park or greenery, but I guess I can always hang a picture of a field at the window?
The view is unblocked (cannot ask for too much), and the place is airy and breezy. Most importantly, the owners’ asking price is reasonable. They have yet to get the valuation report, but they have the price in mind.
There have been many interested parties since they opened the house for viewings last week but none dared to commit because they were all taking bank loans, which means that the cash portion they have to pay would be much larger if the valuation turns out to be lower than the asking price.

We decided to just take it! Haha. Life is about taking chances. We know how much the flats around the same area, and in fact, the same block cost. We know what is more important to us in terms of our requirements for a flat.

We are now keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the valuation would be at the agreed price or above it, so that we do not have to fork out any cash.
So yeah, praying hard.

The arrangement for first appointment with HDB is equally nerve-wrecking, especially since I am not sure if I’d be getting a pay increase in July and whether that would affect the joint income limit.
And July would be a super busy month for me at work (yes, I already know what’s going to happen in most of July), and I think the bf is a little pissed off at me because I tried to tell him the dates I am hoping the appointment would not fall on.

Yet it is very heartening to see/read/hear the excitement when I told my dear sisters and friends, I got the Flat. I think some of them sounded even happier than I did. Haha.
And I’d always remember UU’s story about how her colleague viewed 100 units before she bought her flat.
So, thank you all for everything. :)

In Joke of the Day, JBB was asking me about the flat status today, and I happily told him I got a unit in Tampines.
He said he has always been unsure of the pronounciation, as he thinks it is pronounced as “Tam-pines“, as in pine tree.
I told him, “Oh, we call it tam-pi-nis.”
JBB: Oh ok, so the last part is not ‘pines’.
Me: Yes, it’s not ‘pines’ but ‘pi-nis’.

And then there was awkward silence – on my part. I actually wanted to dig a hole and escape somewhere, though I was too tired to do anything about it.
So I quickly covered up with my laughter (laughing at nothing in particular, really) and changed topics, hoping he didn’t catch anything amiss.

Maybe in Taiwan, they pronounce it as ‘pen-nnies’ and not what I just tried to articulate. Gosh.
The combined results of working too much + sleeping too little is that you would find yourself talking to your boss about body parts.

In other news, I climbed down 15 flights of stairs today because of a stupid fire drill and realized that I have a phobia of walking down the stairs. I was holding on to the railings all the time, and controling every step just so that I won’t slip.
My colleague who was walking down the stairs beside me asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you holding on to the railings so tightly?”

Yeah, that’s probably what you’d do too, when you’ve slided down the stairs and had a purple butt for two weeks. Ha.