Seoul far Seoul good

(Sorry, I can’t help giving that cheesy title. Haha. I saw a  few branches of the convenience store called “Buy the way” and I thought it was quite funny.)

Seoul looked the same as when I left it almost the same time last year.
It wasn’t that cold when I was waiting for the bus to get to the hotel.
I remember being really stunned (and nearly frozen) by the cold last year while waiting for that same bus to that same hotel.

My colleague from marketing and I met up with a friend of an analyst from our agency, who brought us around for store checks last night.
Turned out that she was really just a friend of the analyst, yet she was willing to spend her Saturday showing complete strangers around and doing simultaneous translation for us at the stores.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why despite the really hectic schedules, I enjoy business trips.
It is a nice feeling talking to people, and realizing you all come from different countries with different backgrounds.

I’ve realized recently that I am quite detached in this current company.
I love the job and the things I’m doing, I like most of the people I work with, yet I am not emotionally attached to anyone or anything.
I came to this realization when the brand manager I’ve worked closely with told me he was leaving.. and I felt nothing.

I made a deliberate choice not to get too close to my colleagues, and not to take work too personally (though I am always proud of the work I’ve accomplished).. because it was so difficult breaking away from the ex- company.

I can’t say if it’s a good or bad choice to make, but I guess it makes things less complicated because colleagues would be colleagues and work would be work.

At the same time, talking to people and getting to know people better is a nice and fun experience because at the end of the day, there aren’t any strings attached.

Anyway traveling is great because you get to stay in hotels, get the nice smell of hotel air-con, get quiet time alone at night.. and there’s someone to clean your room everyday. :)

Long day tomorrow – 10am to 10pm.
I’d better get some rest.

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