Hello, 2009

It’s less than 12 hours to the next day and the next year.
And I’ve finally gotten into a reflective mood.

So, what happened in 2008?

  • I wore green underwear and my good old green TJC PE T-shirt on the eve and 1st day of CNY’08.
  • I went to Japan for the first time. I went on a solo 2-day trip, first to Yasu to visit the plant and then to Kyoto, before making my way back to Kobe. I took the subway on my own, made my way to the Kyoto hotel on my own, with the help of strangers who couldn’t speak English and somehow with my limited knowledge of the language.
  • After Japan, I went on to Korea, which is again a first time. And I saw snow for the first time, and had my own Winter Sonata moment in the snow.
  • My dad was admitted into the hospital, originally due for a bypass surgery, which was eventually cancelled and he had the ‘balloon’ procedure instead.
    I re-discovered the importance of health and my family, and I also saw what I am made of.
  • I had a cycling adventure with the bloggies, where we cycled from ECP to Changi Beach and back to ECP, half groaning and half laughing. Five months later, we went for our Annual Bloggies Getaway to Batam.
    And I realised that I/we am/are still capable of doing the unthinkable and having so much (crazy) fun.
  • I received, by far, the highest amount of increment in the four years of my life as a struggling executive.
    Work’s great, most of the time.
  • I agreed to the bf’s proposal, despite the damn funny proposal process.
  • I realised that there is actually a ‘bullet point’ function in my blog! Haha!

This is the first time I actually have something tangible to look forward to before the start of the year.

  1. The Flat. I have no idea where it’d be, how it’d look like, but I’m looking forward to finding and getting one.
  2. The wedding preparations, including the wedding prep course, the gown, the photoshoot.
  3. Another business trip to Japan and Korea, and probably followed by Beijing and Shanghai
  4. My god-son! Cong would the first of my friends to become a parent, and the baby should be on his way out to see this beautiful world as I write this entry.
  5. Hopefully, finally, stopping the medication for the thyroid condition.

I have somehow always resisted the idea of getting married.
Because getting married means you’re no longer single, no longer carefree, and you can no longer ditch someone, or be ditched by someone. It also means you are old and kids would start calling you ‘auntie’ instead of ‘jiejie’.
Yet I also realised that life happens in phases, and there is a time and a place for everything.
I should be happy, to be someone who has a history, who has had her silly, wild, crazy days, who can look back at pictures and videos and remember those years she spent at rehearsals, drama productions and the amount of fun and stress she had, who has been there, done that, hurt people, got hurt..

I can’t go back to those days, where I could spend hours and hours at rehearsals and still feel energetic.
I can’t go back to those days, where I didn’t have dark circles under my eyes regardless of what time I slept, where I was slim and could wear almost whatever I wanted.
But hey, I can look forward to being older and wiser, completely understanding what it means to be nostalgic, and entering the next stage of my life, with a place I can call my own, and a partner who I can also call my own. Haha.

The journey might not be smooth-sailing, and I expect myself to be really busy, really stressed up, and hopefully become really thin because of that.

But I will remember the words from the old song I heard a few days back, when I was replaying some of my old CDs (and sis#4 laughing at how old the songs were)..

每一个人 都别拒绝再幸福的可能
人不会飞   所以总要有跋涉的过程

                    ~赵永华 – 幸福的可能

Yes, I would enjoy the ride.
And I hope that you, my dear friends and family, would have a great year ahead too.