Updates.. while waiting for the bathroom

It’s 10pm and there’s a ‘queue’ for the bathroom. Boohoo.

It’s been a crazy week so far! Lots of meetings, work to be done, and my calendar is always more than half filled every day of the week.
But I’m loving it!
(Probably because I still manage to go off by 6:30pm everyday – somehow..)

I’m looking forward to comrade shan’s return, I mean visit, next week!
And the 3 long weekends coming my way – Hari Raya on 8 Dec, took leave on 26 Dec and 2 Jan. :P 

Have recovered about 95% from the nasty fall. Was back in kickboxing action last night.

The BKK situation is quite.. bizarre.
I wonder why people can’t just let go.. Is it really so important?
I’m referring to both the protestors, and the people still demanding to fly to BKK from Ch@ngi Airport despite the closure of the BKK airport.

Just heard a quirky piece of news.
A judge from US passed an interesting sentence to repeat offenders of noise pollution. 
The punishment? The offenders would be made to listen to music they hate – lullabies!
This is such a good idea.

Anyway.. it’s 10:35pm now and I’m still waiting for the bathroom. -_-“