Still hobbling..

I actually managed to bring myself to the office yesterday morning.
Took my laptop, attended a 10-11am conference call, and then told JB I have to go home.

Over the office messenger, I told him I had quite a bad fall and would have to work from home in the afternoon.
He came over to me almost immediately and asked me what happened.
I told him i fell off the bus (without the details about how i flew off and supported myself using the push-up style), and showed him my plastered right hand and the bruised left foot, and told him both my knees were also injured (i actually managed to wear my jeans to work!).

He looked quite amused.

Anyway, I have requested to work from home for the rest of this week.
Thank God, because I heard from JB that there is a fire drill in office today.

I was recounting the incident to some of my friends, and the more I talked about it, the funnier I think it is.
I suddenly recalled that despite the impact of flying off the steps, both my shoes were still firmly stuck to my feet when I landed. And the earphones which I was plugging in to were still firmly stuck in my ears after I fell flew!
Amazing but true! :P

Like I said in my previous post, pain and inconvenience aside, this was one hell of a great fall.

It reminded me that –¬†hey, I still have the ability to laugh at myself and the situation, regardless of how bad it might seem to be.
Didn’t I use to be able to find humour in almost any situation?
Yet I seem to have lost that supernatural ability the past two weeks.

It’s all coming back to me now. :)