Ownself fall down, ownself climb up

(i.e. 自己跌倒自己爬.)

I had a spectacular fall.

I was alighting from the bus, when somehow one of my heels got stuck somewhere on the flight of stairs, and I basically flew forward, out of the bus, and crashed onto the road/kerb.

From this fall, I learnt that:
1. My right hand is really stronger than my left
2. Which explains why my right hand is much more seriously injured (basically the whole piece of skin on my palm around 2/3 the size of a 5-cent coin came off from the impact), and my left hand looks fine
3. As a result, my left knee and left foot had to share 50% of the impact, while my right knee took about 20% of it
4. It is damn paiseh to have 50, ok, 5 people rushing to your aid after such a spectacular stunt
5. It really hurts. I was in tears before my dad tried to put iodine on the wound. Haha.

Then again, it’s nice to have your family fussing over you (and mom insisting that my heels are too high) and to be able to tell a dear friend about it as if it’s a joke, in order to cheer her up a bit. Haha.

And the end result?

Gross right? :P

That was one hell of a great fall. At least it woke me up from this reverie, or, I don’t know, layer of mist (or maybe dust) that has been infiltrating my mind these days.
Sigh. Too distracted. Too many things on my mind. 

Now, how should I get to work tomorrow?