A little update

on Monday morning.. *Yawn*

I re-read the locked entry (see entry below) before posting it.
It’s been more than three weeks (nearly a month) since the proposal, and since I wrote that entry.
So, wow.

There’s almost a prophetic touch to writing that entry, somehow.
Perhaps it was because I knew weddings are going to be damn nerve-wrecking, and so I need a nice, simple, warm and funny reminder as to why I am still getting married. Haha.

You might think it’s barely a month, and it’s a little too early to get nerve-wrecked over a wedding that’d take place only towards the end of next year.
But trust me, all you need is a naggy mom (who means well of course) and a stern, traditional, stick-in-the-mud, demanding and temperamental tyrant of a future father-in-law.. and your tears would drop before you could finish saying the word ‘wedding’.
It’s difficult not to feel like I am in the middle of a 1970s drama.

Anyway, anyhow, the parents have met the parents.

And I hope everything would be better from now on.