Koh Samui, 6-10 Oct


Chaweng Beach..

We went on a day trip to the Marine Park.. Snorkelled, hiked up some mountain, went kayaking, soaked in the sun and the sea.. Fun!

In the speedboat!

Candid shot of him.. But quite gek sei right?

The praying king kong!!

The Talay Nai, which means ‘Lagoon inside the mountain’. We climbed up n really steep steps just to get up here. The view was beautiful, but the pictures of us were ugly. We were sweating like crazy!

Overview of the lagoon.

The birthday boy waiting for his dinner to be served. Gek sei again. Haha.

Before leaving the hotel. Two shades darker!

Going home…
Seeing how nice he looked in the candid shot (or so he thought), he forced me to take another picture like that. So FYI, this is not candid. Haha.

The weather was fabulous. We were lucky, for it only started raining the day we were supposed to come back. Food was great. People were friendly. No phone calls from office.


10 thoughts on “Koh Samui, 6-10 Oct

  1. yann: thanks! :) congrats to u too! love ur pictures btw! might get the same photographer. :P

    topo: thanks dear.. yeah lets meet up soon!

    uu: thanks for the sound effect.. hehe..

    vk: still, totally unexpected.. :)

    yenew: not sure yet. we just started applying for a flat. haha. hopefully end of next year or early next next year..


  2. oops fur, i think we replied at the same time. didnt see ur comments until i posted mine. anyway thanks dear! :)

    ash: hehe. it’s ok. thanks! i like my hair too, super liberating, dun have to comb. haha. :P


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