The Wedding

Everything went on smoothly, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was great. :)

I didn’t bring along my camera, as I figured that everyone else would be bringing theirs and snapping away.
So there, two selected pictures, courtesy of my (not-so new) SE phone.

With the bride, my friend of 12 years (or maybe 14, I can’t remember. We knew each other since we were seven. Haha.

I was looking at the guest list with another jiemei, saw a somewhat familiar name, and suddenly we couldn’t recall exactly what the name of the bride’s first boyfriend is.
It was something like a “Damian” versus a “David” kind of resemblance and for a minute we thought the ex was invited.
We couldn’t stop laughing when we realized what a booboo we made, and how forgetful we were.

I still remember how bad the break-up was for my dear friend.
How, in her lost state of mind, she’d order food she was allergic to, how she’d call me and ask me to go to her place so that I could accompany her to the photocopying shop (??!)..
It all seems so funny now.
I guess we’d only understand, with age and wisdom, the meaning behind bittersweet memories.

I am so happy to see her walking down the aisle.
I didn’t know talking to my co-emcee, who is an ex-CSian (yes, our batch and what a small world), could be quite enjoyable. I think I spoke more to him last night than in all the four years in university. Oh, and his girl-friend (also an ex-CSian) was there too.
And I had fun talking rubbish and laughing with all the ex-schoolmates in between running up and down the stage.

Lunchtime, and off to Koh Samui! :P