Short and sweet

Pretty much sums up the Annual (well, almost) Bloggies Getaway.

Once again, I think we have outdone ourselves.

My first time doing couple, ahem, massage with ash.
The massage was, on the whole, OK.
But what made it really worth it was probably being able to laugh and whine with someone who was going through the exact same thing as you. Haha.

Never thought I’d have the stamina to stay up till 2am (or was it 3am?), drinking, talking nonsense, playing Taboo (the very fun game where lawyers bring “BRIEFCASE!!” to court, where people require 3 tries before getting the word “Appendix” out, where m****** eat pork, cows eat manure, and many more), playing the murderer game and getting bored, and re-living my JC days of playing the animal game.

Never knew that I could laugh so much, eat so many doughnuts, be totally crazy, take silly pictures and be engaged in some sex talk.
All in the course of a 2D1N stress-free, fun-filled Batam trip. :P

I must say, I really love you gals.

9 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. I love you all too! Thanks for including me in my first bloggies trip ever, and I really enjoyed myself and relived bloggie days.
    Thanks wee, for bearing with my incessant whining during massage and of course, discussing about colouring with you and Yenew was great fun!


  2. yenew: *hugs* really enjoyed the talk with you on the way back, despite your seasickness. hee.

    fur: it came out! because i couldnt hold it anymore, i blurted it out. hahahaha. yah man, i am only this crazy around you gals, thats why i love you all. :)

    ash: hahaha i enjoyed the colouring discussion! i am so glad you finally went with us this time!


  3. know wee, i keep re-reading your post and then the images keep coming back to me….

    topo’s struggle, getting “appendix” out and how she shouted out gleefully “briefcase” and uu’s “DIY”!

    hehe.. can’t imagine that it was only last week that we were away on our annual trip. :)


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