Me time

JB gave me time-off for today, in lieu of having to work on Sunday.

After spending almost two hours watching re-runs of old mediacorpse drama serials, I (actually) started cleaning up the room a bit.

I doubt anyone would not believe me if I told them the luggage I brought to Japan/Korea in March was still lying on the floor of my room – until two hours ago, when I cleared it away. Haha. That’s how much of a slob I am.

Got permission from the bf to throw away the bouquets of (dried) flowers he gave me over the past four years. I’ve learnt to be nice, and to ask before I do anything drastic.
In order not to sound unappreciative, I told him it is to ‘make way for new ones’.
In response he said, “Ok permission granted. But can’t guarantee there will be new ones. Haha.” and “Next time give you cactus. Won’t die one.“. :P

Anyway I cleared the junk in the room, mopped the floor (!!) and even washed two bags that have turned dirty. What an accomplishment. Hehe.

Spent yesterday afternoon walking around Wisma/Takashimaya area alone, before joining the bf to go to his place.
It’s nice to walk around alone, trying on stupid clothes, looking funny and laughing at myself.
Didn’t manage to get anything though.

It’s the 2nd time this year I went to his place, the first time was Chinese New Year. Haha.
His dad very sarcastically said, “what’s your name huh? you only come here a few times a year, I have forgotten your name.
I laughed.
But I think he doesn’t know my name anyway lor. He always tells me, “Eh 那个谁啊,去吃饭了.” Haha.
I turned to his grandma and said in mock embarassment that his dad doesn’t know my name, half expecting her to come to my rescue. But she only laughed and said, actually I also don’t remember your name sometimes. *flips”

My advice to my younger sisters? Find a bf who stays near you. :P

Anyway.. I love me-times!
Time to take a shower and try to do some work.
Things are getting crazy again.