Everything is finally ok, at least for now.

In the end, the parents opted for a much simpler procedure instead of the bypass surgery.
All the doctors we spoke to recommended the bypass – risk would be low and the effects would last for at least 10 years.
But since the parents were adamant about not going through such a big surgery, my dad went through the ‘balloon’ procedure instead, ie inserting something into the blood vessels to ‘open’ them up so that blood can now flow through. The down side of it that even with medication, we would not know when the blood vessels would close up again, especially in my dad’s case – he’s diabetic and his blood vessels were almost 100% clogged.

Anyway I am just relieved that the entire ordeal is over.
Dad is home now, and I really hope he’d take good care of his health from now on. We can only hope that his body would respond well to the treatment and medication.

The big presentation I was supposed to give ended on Friday too.
I found myself looking in JB’s direction when I was doing the presentaion and answering questions, and all of a sudden, he looked so fatherly to me. He was smiling, nodding and looking at me whenever I answered the rather difficult questions posed by the audience, as if to tell me I was doing fine. Haha.
After the session in the morning, he came up to me and said it was a good job done, it must have been difficult for me, and I must have been very worried about my dad. He said he could understand how I felt about my dad’s condition because he went through the same thing before, when he was in London and his dad was in hospital.
JBB and a few other colleagues also came up to tell me I did well. All I can say is that I am so glad I managed to pull it off. :)

And JB told me to go home right after the presentation. (Which, of course, I didn’t. Workaholic lah.)
When I finally left office at 5:30pm (and for the first time in WEEKS – without the laptop), I finally re-understood how it feels like to “踏着轻快的脚步回家去”, one of the most over-used phrases in primary school students’ compositions.

Met up with SH for the first time in months (i think) for breakfast, before going for a movie with the bf (again, the first time in months) at Tampines.

Definitely, Maybe.
I won’t say it is a must-watch, but it is quite a pleasant movie.
Every part of it is realistic, how people move from one person to another, often oblivious to the fact that the love of their lives is right in front of them. And then, after going through all vicious cycles, they end up realising that they are back to square one.
Perhaps, only the ending seems unreal, because in reality, people always realise too late.

The biggest surprise of the day came when we bumped into Mr X after coming out from the cinema.
It has been almost 2 years since I last met him.

Even though I have already gotten the closure that i wanted, from time to time, I still think about what it’d be like to bump into him by chance.
What would I be wearing, what would I be doing, with whom would I be, would I act natural, would I be nervous, or would I simply avoid him.

And today, when I least expected it, I simply went up to him to say hi.
I was surprised to see him at tampines, because he stays in the west.
So I asked what he was doing here, has he moved to the east? It turned out that it was because his girlfriend stays in the east. I laughed and said it is unfortunate that his girlfriends always stay in the east.
In fact, he was waiting for his girlfriend to come out from the washroom. I joked and said maybe I should stay around and take a look at his girlfriend.
We briefly exchanged information on where we are working at now, and the bf and him shook hands and introduced themselves.
And then we said take care, and we left.

I told the bf that that is the legendary ex-boyfriend, and the bf grumpily said, “I know.”
According to the bf, I threw his hand away when I saw Mr X, and the way I talked to Mr X made him realise who Mr X is. Haha. I thought (and still think) the bf’s reaction was quite hilarious, even cute.
Firstly, I really did not throw his hand away. It was just a natural reflex that I let go of his hand and took just one step forward to talk to Mr X.
Secondly, knowing how r_c_st I am, how many Indian friends would I stop to talk to in the middle of a shopping mall? It has nothing to do with the way I talked to Mr X lor.

Most importantly, I didn’t feel anything except the surprise of seeing someone I have known from a long time ago, even though we might no longer be friends.
It’s over, and I am just quite happy to see him again.

Both the bf and sis#3 (I told her about it after we came home) said I should have held on to my bf’s hand when I spoke to Mr X. And sis#3 said it was uncool to ask about the girlfriend.

Oh well. It would seem really unnatural to hold on to your boyfriend’s hand when you are talking to somebody, even if that somebody is just a friend, right? And I was just joking about waiting around to see the girlfriend, and I think Mr X knows that I was just kidding.

Of course I am curious to know who the unfortunate girl is, how she looks like. But then again, it doesn’t really matter.
(I didn’t see any pretty girl coming out when I was on my way to the washroom leh. Haha.)

Anyway, after 10 minutes of arguing about his interpretation of my reaction, the bf said, “Anyway he looks like shit lah.”
Whoaaaa. Sounds like a personal attack eh. Looks like shit in general, or just the color? *LOL.
Well, I wasn’t looking pretty today either. I was in T-shirt, beach shorts, slippers, no make-up, bad hair day, and my eye bags were of the same size as my eyes.
I guess no one is missing anyone. :)

Fortunately my very sensible and cute bf (first time I am praising him eh) did not harp on this encounter, and the rest of the day remained quite pleasant.

What a nice end to a week which started out horrible.