In fact, so inspired that this is something I must write about.

I am so glad I found time to attend the training on Friday, despite the crazy work schedule for the past few weeks.

It was a talk by one of the countries’ GM on career perspectives.
He was funny, insightful, warm, compassionate, all at the same time.

On looking for other jobs when you are still with the company:
“It is ok, it doesn’t mean you are not loyal.
Just because I am on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu.
And guys would know this – just because we are married doesn’t mean we can’t look at beautiful women. I love my wife, but I look at God’s beautiful creations too.”

On leaving the company before it is the right time to leave:
“If you are leaving now, you are STUPID. In fact, you are so stupid you should probably just leave.”

On leaving because of your boss:
“If you are leaving because of your boss, that’s stupid. I mean, you can work with assholes anywhere else too. There’s a bigger universe of assholism out there than in here. If you think it is bad enough here, it can get worse.”
The most important thing is to remember that over here, assignments always change. You won’t be under the same boss forever.  

On the importance of work-life balance:
“There are people here who view work as more important than anything else. These people are screwed. Come on, we are only selling soap and shampoo, not finding cures for cancer. Those who think that work is more important than their families have rocks in their heads.”

On people who gossiped about his fight with a fellow GM in a meeting:
“It is normal to fight in meetings; we fight all the time, we kiss and make up after that. I think people who gossip about it have no life. They need to get a life and do some Internet dating.”

When asked how he deals with bad days, he said he always thinks of the worst day of his life.
He even shared with us what happened on the worst day of his life; it was so sad that I nearly teared. :(
He said nothing can be compared to that worst day of his life; a bad day at work really isn’t that bad.

I hope he has inspired you too.

As I worked late into the nights for the whole of last week, there wasn’t a moment when I felt bitter or unhappy – simply because I would think of the worst days in my life with the ex-company, and I would remember that nothing would be as bad.
At least I know things would get better in a few weeks’ time.
No one would die if I am 0.5049273% off the forecast. No one would suffer if the rich taitais stop buying that expensive cream/water/whatever.

Sometimes you have to take a few steps back in order to move forward.

In other thoughts, I hope I would get to work for such a manager in future. :)

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