seems to have changed a little since I left it slightly less than 10 years ago.

Taiwan is a place I’d probably always be fond of.
After all, the first plane ride in my life was to Taiwan.
It was in Taiwan where I spent two weeks away from home for the first time in my life.
The first trip I took with dear friends like shan and yq was to Taiwan.

Taiwan, then, was an interesting place to me.
The night markets, the haunted hotel rooms, the interesting TV programs where we first got to know Mr Jin Du Lan (haha), the mountain areas, the wooden houses, all the trekking, laughing, puking…

Oh my, I had such a great time.

Taiwan feels a little different this time.
There are still so many haunted hotels and hotel rooms, and with some of these being the company’s preferred hotels (??!), it is funny and scary talking about it. One of the stories involved an unidentified colleague who woke up in the middle of the night because the television decided to switch itself on. On hearing this horror story, my colleague, who happens to be in Taiwan now, went to sleep with the television on. Haha.

The Taiwan variety shows are still interesting, and in fact I found myself watching TV till 1-ish am despite being dead-tired.

More people seem to be speaking English now. Back then, shan and I met this bunch of basketball team guys who told us there are 27 alphabets in the English language. Now, I think people do know the correct number of English alphabets?

Back then we were warned against taking the cabs here because our teachers told us it’d be ‘unsafe’. Now, we simply hop on to the cab to go everywhere. But I didn’t know their idea of a receipt is a blank one.. and you fill in the amount on your own. Haha. Sounds like my company, yeah?

And I think the traveller has changed as well.
I have almost forgotten how I used to be so crazy about those rides at 六福村, how shan and I queued at the giant slide station again and again and again, and how wearing that yellow raincoat and getting splashed by the rainfall of water seemed so fun back then.
Now, I am just happy to be able to be back in the hotel at 930pm, writing an entry on Taiwan, and watching 超级星光大道 ‘live’ from 中视…

I cannot seem to find the enthusiasm I used to have, squeezing through the crowd at the night markets, and actually finding it fun and exciting.
Now, it’d be difficult to catch me amongst any crowd, and even if I do emerge from a crowd, it is almost impossible not to see a black face. Haha.

I am just grateful to have some quiet time here.. though I do miss the buzz at home a little.

(And here’s to sister#4: Sorry, no ‘你’物! No time lah!)

Back to the TV!

2 thoughts on “Taiwan

  1. Ooooh…. how nice to be back there again. Though this time you don’t have the entertaining though often sick roomie with you. Glad you finally get to visit “chengpin”. Aw…

    Do u remember the “qian hong xian” at the night market?! hahahahaha.

    Taiwan TV is really stress relieving! It’s been 10 years and i think we can still laugh at the same jokes!

    Forever young?! hahahahahha……


  2. hahaha yeah i remember the ‘qian hong xian’ incident! it was so funny, i wonder how the guy is doing now. is he still squeezing his way thru the night market?! :P
    it’s either we are forever young or that taiwanese programs are forever entertaining? hee..


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