Live from Hong Kong!

Day 2 of the jetsetter’s life. Haha.

Morning flight from Singapore to Guangzhou –> Straight to office –> No lunch (JB doesn’t eat, remember? And despite wee’s constant reminder, he insisted there was no time for lunch. Until there was really no time for lunch. Umph) –> Meeting –> Waiting for JB and team mate to finish with their work –> Dinner (finally) –> Check in to the hotel at 9ish pm.

Meeting –> To the airport –> Many many checkpoints –> 5 minutes left for late lunch –> Flight from Guangzhou to HK –> Some delay at the airport –> Met Shan –> Dinner –> Check in to very nice hotel at 8ish pm!

Not much of an impression for Guangzhou, since it was so touch-and-go.
Was about to conclude that the taxi drivers there don’t talk and/or look at you, until I met the last one who drove us to the airport.
Usually I’d be in the front seat, being the only one who could speak the language and thus giving the address to the driver. And they’d simply look straight whenever I give the address to them. And I’d wonder if they heard me, and stupidly repeat myself, forcing them to turn and nod very briefly at me before they look blank again.
But the last driver started talking about how HK owes its success to China anyway, and how TW would never be independent (no offence, pro-independence TW peeps out there).. so..
It was pretty interesting.

And HK, is the same when I left it in June? Haha.
It was great seeing Mrs Wong.

And we were quite impressed by the hotel!

One of rare, spacious hotel rooms you can find in HK!

Another jam-packed day tomorrow again!
Meeting with agency in the morning, and another meeting in the HK office in the afternoon, to the airport again to catch the flight to TW.. let’s hope I can settle down in the hotel by 11pm tomorrow!

In other news, I was rather surprised to see two comments left by an unknown reader (see comments bar on the right).
All I want to say is that it is just senseless TV. It is just TV. Get it?
It is really your problem if you happen to be a woman-/feminist- hater. If you actively look out for innuendoes or so-called behaviour that points towards feminism, you could accuse me of being a feminist even if I were writing about a fish riding on a bicycle.
Much as I dislike some of the TV programs shown here by my favorite Mediacorpse, they are not representative of my country, nor my culture.
Before you leave any snide comments, make your own question-and-answers and your grand conclusions about feminism and whatsoever, please watch all 20 episodes of each drama serial in question.
I’d be more impressed if you could sit through all of it, than to have you attempting to answer all the questions I asked in my post.
Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Live from Hong Kong!

  1. haha wee.. you never fail to make me laugh!
    i think it’s only cab drivers in sgp who talk a lot, cuz i faced the same issue when i was in shanghai too!

    and indeed! what a spacious hotel! it looks like you can roll around on the bed and still not reach the end! :D


  2. Haha ya lor.. i still rem how Fur rolled ard my SH bed! HAA!

    Goooooooooo jet setter! and ignore DJ lar. He is really very free. Probably has nothing to do in his country. :-)


  3. fur: hahaha.. i didnt try to roll around on the bed lah, but i tried doing a starfish while watching TV? hehehe..

    yenew: yeah it’s kinda fun being a jet setter but kinda tiring as well. hee. finally at my last stop – taiwan! :)
    as for DJ, i just wanted to say that if his intention was to express his bitterness, this is not the place for him. uhmp. hahaha.


  4. Ellu Wee!

    Happy to meet you on Tue though I wasn’t too chatty (which is as rare as the fish riding on a bicycle!?) due to the loss of my 2 wisdom tooth. Aw. Thanks for having the “rice-sheet-noodles” with me.

    I am a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the bathroom AND music selection! haha. Maybe you didn’t turn it on after i left. Anyway, hope you will come back again and i shall bring you for some nice sushi~ hoho.


  5. Gee your boss is beginning to sound like mine… from your previous blog and this one.. mine likes to have last min meetings during lunch too


  6. ms chin! hahaha.. after you left i tried to switch on the music switch, but no music leh. :(
    nwae u werent esp un-chatty lah, still quite your usual self! hope you are feeling better now!
    hopefully my next trip isnt so touch-and-go..

    fur: yes! i think i caught season 4 of grey’s!

    yq: you should start feigning gastric attack. or just faint. people should understand that not everyone has a stomach made of metal lor. take care my dear!


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