A good day

I got up on time this morning, got dressed, got out.
The bus arrived a minutes after I got to the bus stop. So did the MRT.
It was a little crowded, as usual. Filled with people who refused to budge, as usual. But that’s ok.

I arrived at the office 15 minutes earlier than the training time, took the time to get my pass done, and the colleague at the service counter was nice.
Training was delayed because the instructor was whisked into some important meeting, and I got to spend the ‘extra’ three hours I had working on a project while waiting for the training to start.

All trainings for the day ended slightly before 6.
The train arrived just when I stepped onto the platform.
So did the bus, when I got to the bus stop.

A warm dinner was on the way when I got home.
Even the TV program was acceptable.

Was touched by a fellow Dunmanian in Campus Superst*r, who sang a damn sad-but-I-would-be-strong number.

我需要的平静 是敢回头看曾经
那些为爱患得患失的情景  我选择忘记

How many people can look back, and not feel a pang of something?

And then there was my weekly feed of Desperate Housewives, a thought-provoking one once again.

From the minute we wake up, to the time our heads hit the pillow, our minds are filled with questions.
Some of the questions are difficult ones, for we’re afraid to find out the answers.
Would I get to see my kids grow up?
Am I making the right decision, marrying this man?
Would he ever love me?..

Life is so transient, it scares me sometimes.
What is going to happen to me, years down the road?
Would I wake up one day and realise that many, many years have passed by since the day I put down this entry?

This is a strange post, I know.
All I’d planned to say was, it has been a simple but good day, and that I am beginning to learn, to appreciate the simple, little, good things in life.
But yeah, perhaps I do need to also learn to stop thinking too much. Haha.


After the results show
I think losing gracefully is just as important as winning. Who cares about the lousy finals?
I applaud the RI boy.