Little things

–  Had lunch with topo topo topo this afternoon at the organic cafe! Nice! But I seem to have gotten a bit of the runs.. does the drink have some kind of detox/LS effect? Hmm..

– I feel like I’ve been transported back to the CS days. Reading, reading, and more reading. I’m not complaining, after all it’s a chance of a lifetime to get paid to read? Haha. There are just so many things to learn! The only difference? No tutorials to do, no exams to take, no toilet-visiting (except for today lah).
And I’d simply be reading, going for trainings (a lot of them), and attending meetings (a lot of them, too) for at least the next one month, before I start doing any real work. Sounds like a good deal, no? :P

– I constantly have acronyms HURLED at me. Many. Plenty.
And the acronyms usually come in lightning speed. “Hi, I’m XXX from ABC working on WTH in the HUH and WAT market.”
I’d then try my best not to give the person a blank look, pretend to look a little cleverer, and ask, “Sorry, you are from?..”
And then they’d very kindly go, “Oh, XXX from ABC working on WTH in the HUH and WAT market.”
Many thanks for repeating yourself. But you know, it’s not the speed I’m not catching. God help me with those acronyms. And not all can be found in the acronym dictionary (that’s gradually becoming my bible..)!

– I’m not sure why. But I felt a sense of relief (while relieving myself) when I overheard two girls speaking in a mixture of English and Mandarin about their very short waists and the long tops they had to buy because of that — in the company’s toilet.

– I sometimes wonder which would require a longer time – mastering the art of understanding accents, mastering the art of not correcting people’s pronounciation right after they try to say something, or mastering the very friendly and logical and totally necessary acronyms?

– My big boss (the Taiwanese) enjoys telling people during introductions that I am the chosen One out of 500+ applicants. This usually sends shivers and sweat down my spine.

– A GM-level (see, I have caught on the acronym frenzy!) personnel who comes to Singapore for a visit gets to stay in nowhere but Ritz Carlton.. And that includes the family members if they want to, erm, join in the fun! Now, how cool is that…

– My buddy is getting married tomorrow!
Though technically speaking, he is already married, having ROM-ed some time back in May this year.
In any case, all the best to my butt cong! Haha.
He’s my first guy friend to 入火坑 get married, but then again I don’t have that many guy friends. Haha. 
The feeling’s a little strange.
With a girl-friend, you’d feel all warm and fuzzy and happy that she is getting married.
But with a guy-friend, someone you grew up with, cried in front of, laughed with/at, did all the nonsense and nonsensical stuff with.. you can’t really decide what to feel. Or how to.

The silly 夺命剪刀脚,有情的无情世界,挤柠檬 stories;
Or him using his mobile phone to text my then-stalker, pretending to have sent a “I love you” message to the stalker by mistake;
Or his pretending to be my ‘close’ friend in front of another guy whom I had to catch a movie with (I didn’t know how to say no then), “Remember to call me when you get home, ok?”;
Or him, pretending (though I’ve always thought it’s for real) to be really really scared, as we sat at least 10 storeys above the ground in Ocean Park, while waiting for the plunge;
Or us, watching ‘见鬼’at the JP GV cinema at midnight. And wanting to leave the theatre in the middle of the show because it was just too~ much~ for us to take. And him feeling too scared to go home alone and having to sneak past the security guard so that I won‘t get evicted from hostel for having a 男人 in my room in the wee hours of the morning.

Gosh, those were the days.

I can only say.. all the best. I hope you’d always be happy.
But don’t ever catch a horror movie at midnight again. Haha.