9 July 2007


On my last day of work at The I-can-finally-call-it-“ex” Company, I was on the cab after saying goodbye to the Big Client (now also known as ex-Big Client) and thereby reaching the end of that last day, when I had the thought, “So what the hell am I getting myself into now?!”

It’s been slightly more than a week after that fateful day, and of course I still cannot answer the question.
It seems that the older one gets, the more s/he is afraid and unsure of the unknown.

In any case, I’d probably know the answer tomorrow, or in all the days after tomorrow.

The past week has been great.
I have finally spring-cleaned the room, cleared the wardrobe, run the necessary errands, met up with dear friends, gone for yoga at a taitais-only timing..
I cannot say I wish I could have another week of such fun and freedom, because as it is, my brains are already half-frozen and it’s time they go out for some sun.

And hopefully they’d thaw after a week or so. Haha.