Saying goodbye..

Was easier than I thought it would be.
I thought I’d be overwhelmed with different emotions on Friday, my last day with The Company. I thought there’d be some tears, or at least a tinge of sadness. I thought there’d be many things I’d be sharing in this space. I just thought…

But other than packing, giving away chocolates, cakes and cakes and saying goodbye to people I want to say goodbye to, there seemed to be nothing left to say, nothing left to feel.
As I wrote the goodbye note to the company, I remembered many things.. but hey, no tears.

Goodbye.. and Good luckĀ 

Dear all,

Time flies, it always does. And it feels somewhat strange to be writing this thank you note.

It’s my last day with XXX today, and it has been a great 2.5 years.

From the beginning, as a quiet, 1-week-old newcomer –
watching helplessly (and in amusement) as my two bosses argued in the Big Room about whether they should “make sure she learns quickly” versus “let her take her time to learn”;
sitting under the flight of stairs on the 3rd floor frowning and trying to figure out the meaning behind a “POP”, with Gr@ce constantly asking me, “you ok or not??”;
shouting to Vivi@n who used to sit just above me, “what time are you going home huh???”;
walking down 3 flights of stairs and up another 3 flights to 61A where the creative team used to be seated – almost every day, for at least 3 times a day;
terrorizing the creative team – @ndy, where are you? We are supposed to meet at 10am leh. Cl@ra, can I have this by Monday? Pleaseeee? W*ndy, I need the quotation by tonight. Ly0nne, can we brainstorm again? N*ckie, this image is not nice leh, can find another one? R@cheal, please shift that, change this, remove that. R0dney, I need the FA by tonight, sorry huh, please.”…

… To who I am today, older (and some say I look older than my age, damn), stronger (I hope).

For all the trials and tribulations, tears and laughter, despair and hope, it has been one blast of a ride. And success, is always bittersweet.

Thank you, to you, you and you who gave me the hugs, support and encouragement when I needed them the most.
Thank you for being a part of this exciting, challenging, and sometimes trying, journey.
Thank you.

There are many things I wish I could take along with me – the projects I have done, the people who care, and even the Aromas cafe nearby. But alas, all I could bring along, is probably the experience I have gained, the friendships I have made, and every little fond memory I have of this place…

Please take care… till we meet again. :)

AMBOSS disappeared. He said I wouldn’t want to see a grown man crying in front of me.
Actually, I only wanted to say thank you more than goodbye.
He did send me an email though, addressed to: Last of the Troublemakers and my particular favorite!

Haha. Well. I’d miss bickering with him, somehow.
I hope everything goes well for him.
He texted me yesterday saying that one of my replacements resigned, and he asked me what he did so wrong. He said he wanted to run away from silly Singapore and asked if I wanted to join him. Ha, this man has turned desperate.
But there’s only so much he can do, and I can only wish he wouldn’t be so hard on himself.

I am supposed to be spring-cleaning the room. But it’s Tue, 12:15pm now and I have yet to start. Sigh.
I’d better get down to work.